Real estate 3



The field of real estate development is steadily increasing and we, as active participants in its proper functioning and consolidation , couldn’t avoid to be deeper involved.
Both as developers and as Project Managers, we are involved in all phases of the real estate development process - having partnerships with architects and urban design specialists, construction and installation firms, interior design and custom furniture.
We believe in well-designed and properly executed projects in which there is a harmonious correlation between functional and aesthetic. Our proposals for the real estate market are correct and complete.

Own real estate developments

Situated just 22 km from the center of Bucharest, with easy access to the Ring Road and the prospect of having at 25 km the second airport of the capital, Mihailesti town is the second important city of Giurgiu County.
The area is growing steadily in real estate and commercial terms, an increase that has become accelerate especially over the past two years, which reinforces the conviction that our investment will have the desired success.
On a land with a total area of 123,730 m2 we have developed a concept of 100 lots, which has approved the Urbanistic Plan (PUZ) since 2013.

Project management and interior design

We started with custom-made design and understood that the developer market for both medium and small projects ignores the impetus need of the existence of a Project Manager. The task of coordinating such works is on the list of the construction company, in the happiest case, or taken over by the beneficiary, in which case both frustration and stress increase.

We have a portfolio of various works - ranging from design of residential spaces of various sizes, office spaces or new constructions, in which we ensured a good management of the works by creating a coherent concept of the project, managing the resources, coordinating the suppliers of materials and services, supplying the management and the supervision of all executions and the timely delivery of the finished product.