Own Real Estate Developments


The field of real estate development is steadily growing, and we as active participants, interested in its good functioning and consolidation, could not stay without getting involved even more.

As developers, we invest in projects with respect to the principles of energy efficiency. In this sense, we have created a concept of residential units that can function off-grid using solar energy, wind energy and power storage capacities.

We believe in well-designed, well-executed projects with a harmonious correlation between functional and aesthetic. Our proposals for the real estate market are correct and complete.

Residential Metropolitan District


Situated just 22 km from the centre of Bucharest, with easy access to the Ring Road and the prospect of having the second capital's airport at about 25 km, Mihailesti Town is the second largest city in Giurgiu County.

The area is growing steadily in terms of real estate and commercial growth, with a speed that has increased especially over the last two years, which reinforces the conviction that our investment will have the desired success.

On a land with a total area of 123,700 sqm we have developed a concept of 100 plots with residential and commercial units, which are organized as a self-contained neighbourhood. Upon acquisition, the land had the status of an agricultural outpost, and we currently have an approved Urbanistic Plan (PUZ), the dismantling and the site layout and delimitation plan for each plot.

Holiday Houses


The tumultuous life of the cities makes us eager to escape in quiet, distant and undisturbed spaces.

Over the years we have invested in two locations situated in the hilly area (Campulung Muscel and Rupea), adjacent to the mountains, where real estate developments are projected. Our main concern is that the beauty and the authenticity of the natural scenery are preserved and also the local architecture reinterpreted.

Cargotecture or Glamping, the solution we seek is to develop independent and nonconformist accommodation units, without ignoring the comfort, located within a generous property, around a central service building.

Project Management


Both as developers and as Project Managers, we are involved in all phases of the real estate development process - having partnerships with architects and urban design specialists, construction and plumbing firms, interior design and custom-made furniture production.

Our over 25 years of engineering experience allows us to plan and design phases well in order to avoid unnecessary overlaps or errors. Our project management principle requires compliance with established deadlines and especially compliance with the agreed budget.

Interior Design


We have a portfolio of various works - ranging from design of residential spaces of various sizes, office spaces or new constructions, in which we assured:
- a good management of the works by creating a coherent concept of the project,
- resource management,
- coordinating suppliers of materials and services,
- managing and supervising executions and delivering on time and within the established parameters of the finished product.

We believe that a knowledgeable client is an easy-to-communicate client, which is much easier to understand and to whom we can create tailored on her/his needs.

Starting with 2015, we launched an information and education campaign using our own blog and facebook posts: Ducas Consulting – Design your Joy of Life.